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Use the building address listed in your Resident Portal. For example, while 90 McMillen Ave may be your address, your unit is listed as 88 McMillen Ave - 90 (this is how it appears in your portal), so you would type in 88 McMillen Ave. If you are having trouble with the search, clear the text you typed and use the dropdown arrow to scroll through the list of choices. If you found your building, but there aren't any lots showing up, that means parking in lots near your building are likely sold out. Reach out to [email protected] to inquire about your options.

Select a recommended lot:

If there are open spaces at your address (the lot name matches your building address), you must choose your address from the list of recommended lots. Otherwise, your parking agreement will not be approved. If your lot is full, you may choose another lot.

Select a parking option:

All parking options include a one-time $25 fee for your parking sticker.

Tandem spots are extra long spaces where you can typically fit two vehicles (back to front). Renting a tandem spot is essentially renting a dedicated guest spot or just space for you to park two vehicles.

Select a payment option:

Please note, parking rent is not prorated. "Annual" is based on the typical student lease term and covers you through July. See the addendum for exact dates.

Hometeam Management

222 E 11th Ave

Columbus, Ohio 43201


[email protected]

Parking Lease Agreement

This agreement between Marker HT CBUS MGMT, LLC (Lessor) and Resident Name (Lessee), provides for the rental of one non-transferable parking permit for the lease term of 8/19/23 to 7/27/24.

Parking Location:

Vehicle Make Model Color License Plate Registered State
Toyota Camry White 12345G OH

The rent for this parking lease will be paid:

Rent amount: $

One-time fee for parking sticker: $25

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